Apr 28, 2006

Campus Ministry Training Seminar 2006

For the last few years, there has been an annual campus ministry training seminar. This is usually held in March, just before the new school year starts in April. God has used this to raise up new workers every year who, in turn, start new campus ministries. Last year and this year, the guest speakers have been local pastors who have vision for reaching today's students who will be tomorrow's leaders. This year's speaker, Pastor Amano, is the first Japan Assembly of God pastor to start a university church. His powerful messages stirred several other pastors and church leaders to action. Since then, at least 7 new campuses have been targeted for ministry through churches adopting campuses as part of their mission fields. That brings the total of campus ministries from 22 to 29. At last count, there were 1,221 campuses in Japan. Pray that God will reveal Himself to the students on every campus.

Making Videos

One of my supporters asked me to make a short video a while back. Japan is famous for its electronics, so I went by myself to Bic Camera and asked a sales clerk lots of questions about video cameras.  I learned a new word in the process (Gazo means resolution), and I'm glad to say that I ended up buying a really good Canon camera that can be used in 10 different languages.  Since then I've been learning how to use it and Windows editing software.  Here's the edited version of my first movie:
It seems that missionaries need to use every possible means to stay in touch with support teams. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a movie worth?  Does an online movie communicate better than a one-page newsletter?  Let me know what you think.