Jul 10, 2013

Reaching, Planting, Training, Touching...So All Can Hear

The title above is the AGWM (Assemblies of God World Mission) purpose statement. The first 4 words describe the method by which we communicate the gospel in 252 nations, territories, and provinces so that all can hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Sadly, 4 billion people are still waiting to hear this life-changing message. 
From June 22-27 I participated in Missionary Renewal in Springfield MO. Focusing on UPGs (Unreached People Groups), I was reminded that the Japanese are still one of 737 UPGs in Asia Pacific although Christianity was introduced to Japan in the 16th century. 

Many ask, “Why is missions so difficult in Japan?” Perhaps the biggest obstacle for the Japanese is ancestor worship which is based upon the religions of Buddhism and Confucianism. Overcoming this deeply entrenched worldview requires taking time to build relationships, communicate, and model true Christianity.
Second tallest Buddha statue in Japan is located in Kamakura.
 Young people, in particular, are desirous for spiritual reality. Over the last 14 years, while serving in Japan, I have witnessed Japanese, Chinese, and other Asians become Jesus followers as they have heard about Him and put their faith in Him. God desires to give the remaining 99% spiritually lost Japanese the opportunity to encounter the Jesus Christ so they can respond to Him in faith and be changed forever. God chooses to use us believers to reach, plant, train, and touch their lives. 

The two young ladies with flowers were baptized in water on June 2. They became believers this year as they studied the Bible at our weekly Bible studies on their campuses.


Carrying out the purpose of God requires partnership in prayer, resources, and “more patience than the devil” (my personal observation). 

I am forming a prayer support team of at least 1,000 members. Please send me your email address, if you would like to join.

Before I can return to Japan next year, I need to raise at least $2,000 in monthly support and $11,184 in cash to cover both personal and ministry budgets. To reach that goal, $200/month in faith promises needs to come in each month that I am stateside. Consider increasing your monthly faith promise

Thanks to those of you who have increased your support or have made new faith promises. Like Paul, I rejoice because of your partnership in the gospel and am confident that God will complete His work in you (Phil. 1:6).


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