Jul 10, 2013

Reaching, Planting, Training, Touching...So All Can Hear

The title above is the AGWM (Assemblies of God World Mission) purpose statement. The first 4 words describe the method by which we communicate the gospel in 252 nations, territories, and provinces so that all can hear the good news of Jesus Christ. Sadly, 4 billion people are still waiting to hear this life-changing message. 
From June 22-27 I participated in Missionary Renewal in Springfield MO. Focusing on UPGs (Unreached People Groups), I was reminded that the Japanese are still one of 737 UPGs in Asia Pacific although Christianity was introduced to Japan in the 16th century. 

Many ask, “Why is missions so difficult in Japan?” Perhaps the biggest obstacle for the Japanese is ancestor worship which is based upon the religions of Buddhism and Confucianism. Overcoming this deeply entrenched worldview requires taking time to build relationships, communicate, and model true Christianity.
Second tallest Buddha statue in Japan is located in Kamakura.
 Young people, in particular, are desirous for spiritual reality. Over the last 14 years, while serving in Japan, I have witnessed Japanese, Chinese, and other Asians become Jesus followers as they have heard about Him and put their faith in Him. God desires to give the remaining 99% spiritually lost Japanese the opportunity to encounter the Jesus Christ so they can respond to Him in faith and be changed forever. God chooses to use us believers to reach, plant, train, and touch their lives. 

The two young ladies with flowers were baptized in water on June 2. They became believers this year as they studied the Bible at our weekly Bible studies on their campuses.


Carrying out the purpose of God requires partnership in prayer, resources, and “more patience than the devil” (my personal observation). 

I am forming a prayer support team of at least 1,000 members. Please send me your email address, if you would like to join.

Before I can return to Japan next year, I need to raise at least $2,000 in monthly support and $11,184 in cash to cover both personal and ministry budgets. To reach that goal, $200/month in faith promises needs to come in each month that I am stateside. Consider increasing your monthly faith promise

Thanks to those of you who have increased your support or have made new faith promises. Like Paul, I rejoice because of your partnership in the gospel and am confident that God will complete His work in you (Phil. 1:6).


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Apr 4, 2013

Broaden Your Vision!

2013 Chi Alpha Campus Ministry Training Seminar.   
On March 7-8 there were attendees from 29 churches and about 25 schools. 
Two were baptized in the Holy Spirit in the last night’s service.
As I transition to a year of itineration in the US, I have been evaluating my past term of ministry. During the last five years of serving in Tokyo, our ministry team hosted:

  • 14 Chi Alpha and church teams
  •  2 church interns
  • 15 summer English teachers
 We were able to house teams and ministry team members at the Chi Alpha Student Center and hold many events thanks to God’s provision through many partners and workers.
We are on 29 campuses throughout Japan. I personally ministered at 5 Tokyo-area campuses—3 of those on a weekly basis—and  met innumerable students to whom I introduced Jesus through Bible studies, prayer, fellowship, and worship.

Going to Malaysia and Thailand for conferences, to Singapore to help a church staff get ministry training, to Taiwan to minister to indigenous people, and to South Korea to help start campus ministry broadened my missions perspective for Asia Pacific nations. During my college years I envisioned reaching Asia. Now, at this time, the Lord of the nations is beginning to show me the reality of that vision!

However, this vision is MUCH bigger than I. It requires greater partnership with God and people. Returning stateside for itineration, it is my prayer that as I minister and communicate the vision, God will encourage His church and raise up intercessors, supporters, and new workers who will catch a greater glimpse of our God and His immense love for people everywhere.

I look forward to seeing many of you in the coming year. I also look forward to meeting new people who will partner with me to carry out God’s mission to the nations. Please let me know how I can serve you!

Feb 19, 2013

That All Nations May Believe and Obey Him

From December  28-30 I participated in The World Missions Summit held in Ft. Worth, Texas. About  1/4 of the participants responded to "give a year and pray about a lifetime" to missions.

A personal highlight was being part of God's network to save two Japanese exchange students at the conference. I met them in the Asia Pacific Experience Room. That evening at the Meal with a Missionary, the girls prayed to receive Jesus into their lives. Later I was  asked to confirm in Japanese if they understood what they had done. Just as I was about to talk with them, Yoriko Yabuki, Japan A/G missionary, walked by so I called her over to meet them. I sensed the two girls needed to hear from a Japanese Christian. Yoriko confirmed that they understood they had indeed become believers. It was a blessing to be part of not only recruiting workers at TWMS but to also reap the Japanese harvest!

On March 3-7, we will host our annual university ministry training seminar in Tokyo. Please pray for this event!

On April 16, I will return to Alabama and begin itineration. I would love to see you and share what God has done in Japan in the past 5 years. Please contact me!

THANK YOU for partnering in spreading the gospel so “that all  nations may believe and obey Him!” (Romans 16:20)

Dec 4, 2012

Thanking God for You

Both Japan and the US celebrate Thanksgiving day in November. However, the biggest difference is to whom thanks is given. The Japanese give thanks to their workers. Thus, their holiday is more like Labor Day than Thanksgiving. 

Our ministry team hosted an Thanksgiving turkey dinner party and fed 23 university students from 5 countries. Afterwards we gave a message about giving thanks to God in everything. Remarkably, we met some new students who we hope connect with our weekly campus Bible studies. 
Thanksgiving Dinner with students

Pray for us as we gear up for Christmas. December is always the most open time to share the Christ of Christmas to Japanese. Pray that they will not only experience the ambiance of the season but also will want to experience the Person of Jesus Christ. 

In October Joyce Kitano and I joined Ty and Cina Silva to meet a South Korean pastor/professor interested in starting campus ministry at a local university. While South Korea is the 2nd largest missionary-sending country (besides the US), there is no Pentecostal campus ministry. We visited 4 universities and 2 churches where we met students, professors, and pastors. Plans were made for starting next year. Praise God!

Visiting Hansei University in Seoul
From December 28-30 I will represent Japan at the World Missions Summit in Ft. Worth, Texas. This conference will bring A/G missionaries and Chi Alpha students together in a format to promote missions. 

Naturally, I want to say THANK YOU to the Lord and to you for your missions partnership. On April 16, 2013 I will return to the US and then begin a year-long itineration starting in May. If you would like to schedule me for ministry, please contact me by email, snail mail, or even call me on Skype. I look forward to seeing you next year.

May you have a very blessed Christmas and 2013!

Oct 8, 2012

Partnering Together in the Harvest

Chi Alpha Japan Staff Team

Autumn has finally come and with it the new school term has begun. Our ministry team is back on campuses reaching and teaching students with the gospel. There is an intense expectancy in our hearts for the harvest to come in from all over Japan!  Please join in praying with us. Truly the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!

Praying over Bibles provided for students

I am finishing the fifth year of my second term in Japan. Now it is time to begin another itineration cycle.  My itineration will start May 2013 and go until April 2014.
I am excited about what is happening in Japan and want to share this with you. To those of you who have been so faithful in partnering with me, I really appreciate your sacrificial support and prayers.

My support has dropped about 25% so I need to add new partners to my support team during itineration. If you are a church leader, I would love to visit you and your people. If you are an individual supporter, would you ask your church about having me for a visit?

Provide three dates when you could have me come (between May 1, 2013 and April 30, 2014) and select the way in which you would like me to share. Then email this info to me. This will help to facilitate all of those who would like to have me come.

Thank you for partnering together to reach Japan with the gospel!